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During a recent Sound Therapy session January 28th, 2021 for Nancy O’Neill, something extraordinary happened. I have had other unusual mystical experiences before but this one stands out as a sign that it must be shared.

Using a series of tuning forks as the sound and vibration balanced the body’s frequency to bring tranquility, peace, and harmonic resonance, I had the inner guidance to pray silently within to ask Holy Mother Spirit to come in and flow through me as an instrument of Her Grace and Love.

Halfway through the session, my eyes where closed and I noticed an extremely bright light in my room. I opened my eyes and looked out the window, but nothing from there. I did not have on any electric lights, so not a power surge, only 5 burning candles in the room which I also noticed burned high all at once in synchronicity. I went back to my session to focus on my next Tuning Fork selection and what essential points to treat.

At the end, I used one Tuning Fork, the 128HZ in my left-hand and my right-hand giving Reiki. After each session there is time to come back into the body time and space to be able to rise and integrate, discuss, and understand the session. Nancy asked me about the light because she had noticed it too and didn’t know what happened! She also explained she felt the presence of her mother that had passed some time ago. I shared that I was praying to Holy Mother Spirit as a connection to God and that I saw all the candles burning at once, flame the same height each.

Also Nancy always wondered if her mother accepted her as a Reiki Practitioner since her mother was very devout and did not like or agree with Reiki when alive. I said the end portion of her session was Tuning Fork and Reiki and I see this is as a sign her mother accepts and values Reiki.

Another confirmation of this I did not know at the time but understood later, I said I used to “528hz” which I didn’t but could not say anything else but that, and it turns out this was her mother’s birthday, May 28th. It was another sign her mother accepted the Reiki and loved Nancy very much by coming through.

Now to top it off if you are still reading. At the SAME time downstairs, Brandi Seabol Kinmonth Therapeutic Bodyworker at Float Haven, saw the hall light go off and back on in the hallway.

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