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Poetic Sound

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

We all exist within an energy grid which is a vibrational blueprint of everything that has ever been thought and experienced. Our grid has its own individual signature of frequency and our basic underlying structure is pure light and harmonic health.

For example, picture our energy grid as a piano, an instrument with limitless possibilities for sound and music. When starting from silence you unexpectedly hear loud slamming down on the piano keys with a fist and without rhythm or purpose. Most will find this disturbing. It symbolizes dissonance, it doesn’t sound right, the noise hurts our ears. There are many reasons for our energy grid piano being out of whack, be it inherited, accumulation of disruptive thought and belief, actual trauma and severe life events, environmental factors, just to mention a few. Each in their own way contribute to pain and dissonance in the body, mind, and spirit.

Now let’s imagine this piano is in perfect tune and playing your favorite music exquisitely, same piano and keys, different experience. It has rhythm and melody that affects memory to become engaged, relaxation to take place, and joy once again upon hearing our favorite music. It is a pattern of balance we relate to.

Tuning Forks and Healing Bowls connect with our true vibrational harmonious state of being. The spiritual properties of vibrations combined with a set Intention work this way. Activating and directing a series of specific frequency waves outside of the body helps me find its match from within and indicates the blocks that are preventing a natural flow. I feel through the vibration and sound the resistance, where the two meet, and what needs to be shifted and dissolved for increased harmony, decreased pain, restoration, replenishment, balanced nervous system and increased vitality. This may happen right away or in a series of treatment as a process of recovery.

The scientific properties of vibrational healing with the Tuning Forks I provide during treatment are the Biosonic Otto 128, OM Tuner 136.1, Body Tuners C256 and G384 are explained from Dr. John Beaulieu and his team’s research findings. They discovered that Nitric Oxide is spiked in the vegas nerve, various tissue sources, and living cells as well as create deep relaxation in the body. Frequency from the tuning forks becomes a pathway for the immune, cardiovascular and nervous system to reach or maintain a balanced homeostasis.

Sound and frequency healing is still a growing field and scientific research is like climbing up a mountain to reach the truth with facts. Once the scientists, medical professionals, and researchers reach the top, there they find the mystics, poets, healers, and artists already there.

We are musical beings, the challenge in life is to master our instrument.

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