Choose Treatments: 

Tuning Forks

Crystal Bowls


Drums, Rattle & Gong

or ask for the combination that is best for your healing

Includes Essential Oil, Sage Clearing,

and Brazilian Palo Santo. 

Plus complimentary extra time for setting your personalized Intention before the session and after to reflect and integrate your specialized treatment.

30 minutes $45

45 minutes $60

1 hour $80

***Quality CBD treatment application

for pain management is available.

Tuning Forks Sound & Vibration

At Requested Location

Excellent before and after surgery, for treatment at Assisted Living or Nursing Facilities, Children's Hospital, and for Sound & Vibrational healing loved ones at home.

1 hour $90

Please contact me to schedule appointment.


Tuning Forks Sound & Vibration Treatment for Pets

Pets need a boost too. Helps with Anxiety, Recovery from Surgery, and Strengthening the Immune System.

Plus complimentary time for discussing pets needs and building trust with your pet before the session.

1 hour $90

Please contact me to schedule appointment.

Seven Week Deluxe Healing Package

With chronic pain and ongoing issues that drain your spirit, consistent Sound & Energy Treatments with Tuning Forks, Reiki, & Crystal Singing Bowls will bring back your resonance, your vitality, your balance and get you back into sync.

When you are ready to make a commitment to raising your vibration and tone for optimal health, let me assist you with a Deluxe Healing Package.

Booking $285 for this 7 week Package saves you $80 from booking the same amount of healing sessions individually.

Here is the suggested FLEXIBLE schedule. You may book your first appointment here to start and the following sessions will be scheduled in person.

  1. One hour session

  2. 10 minute booster

  3. One hour session

  4. 10 minute booster

  5. One hour session

  6. 10 minute booster

  7. One hour session

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