As a Reiki Master for over 20 years, Acutonics and John Beaulieu's Sound Healing Workshops have provided me with an extensive education and tools to assist with the challenges of being in our Earth body. I understand and apply frequencies and harmonics to vibrate and travel along energy pathways as an integrated and safe approach for restoration and replenishment.

Treatments send signals to the nervous system known to come back into a state of balance, to enhance cell vitality, stabilize body metabolism, and strengthen the immune system. This realignment to an originally state of harmony pulls out and releases stuck energy and opens you up to new possibilities for your Highest Good. 

With musical intervals, unified pulsation, resonance calms the mind from anxiety and many emotional upsets. It becomes a gateway for releasing tension, emotional balance, and helping you process information and find creative life solutions.

Many times chronic pain, disease, and suffering are a road map to what truly needs to be harmonized then just "curing" symptoms. Once scanned and located, creative and intuitive assistance for the healing journey and process has begun. Vibratory frequencies that were once out of tune or out of sync are gently brought back into a state of wholeness.

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