Multi layered care for a complex world

Expect a holistic, integrative, and deeply relaxing experience. With my knowledge and skill in Sound, Vibration, and Energy, the services I offer are creative, customized for you, restorative,

and unlike any other.

Be empowered by entraining with Sound, Vibration, Energy. Resonate with coherence.

 Know the body and mind have the ability to heal.


 Wear comfortable clothing for all treatments.


Acupuncture points are accessed with Tuning Forks or Reiki known to tonify organs, boost immune, balance emotions, and sooth negative energy blocks with harmony. 

As a bonus for your commitment of

improving your well-being 

"5 Complete Sessions for In-Depth Care"

= 5 weekly 1.5 hour services package

saves total of $75 plus receive an extra benefit of vocal toning and art projects that I have created for self-care and reflection 

in-between sessions. It will be another layer of healing to express what needs to be expressed for true balance and peace. 


I have over 20 years

Traditional Usui Reiki experience and

since 2017 completed and still continue with extensive Tuning Fork and Vocal Toning workshops with leaders in the field.

Instruments of Healing:

Acutonics Low/Mid/High Tuning Forks,

Biosonics Tuning Forks, Biosonics Brain Frequency Tuners, Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Acutonics Planetary Tuning Forks, Biosonics Angel Tuning Forks, Biosonics Perfect 5th C & G Tuning Forks, 7 metal Himalayan Bowls, Variety of Pure Crystals, Gong, Navajo Rattle, Shamanic Drum, African Djembe Drum, Quartz Crystal Pyramid, 8 Chakra Balancing Quartz Crystal Bowls, organic Sage and Palo Santo incense, CBD lotion, and an extensive selection of pure

therapeutic grade Essential Oils.

Open up to the Possibilities

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