Multi layered care for a complex world

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Open up to the Possibilities


Limited appointments each day are

scheduled in order for all to receive 

100% of my ability and energy.


Creative and intuitive services

are customized

for each client.

Acupuncture points without the needles are accessed with Sound & Vibration from Tuning Forks and Reiki Energy.  Known to tonify organs, boost immune, balance emotions, and sooth negative energy blocks with harmony.


 Wear comfortable clothing for all treatments. 

5 Complete Sessions for

In-Depth Care

= 5 weekly 1.5 hour services package

 Bundled savings plus vocal toning, art projects, and tailored assignments for

 in-between weekly sessions for self-reflection and inner growth. 

Sacred Tools:

Acutonics Low/Mid/High Tuning Forks,

Biosonics Tuning Forks, Biosonics Brain Frequency Tuners, Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Acutonics Planetary Tuning Forks, Biosonics Angel Tuning Forks, Biosonics Perfect 5th C & G Tuning Forks, 7 metal Himalayan Bowls, Variety of Pure Crystals, Gong, Navajo Rattle, Shamanic Drum, African Djembe Drum, 8 Chakra Balancing Quartz Crystal Bowls, organic Sage and Palo Santo incense, CBD lotion, and an

extensive selection of 100% Pure 

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.