Nancy Schroeck, Reflexologist & Healer and I have developed a unique restorative technique called Tuned-Up Reflexology.

It is a deeply relaxing combination of receiving Tuning Fork frequency and Reflexology at the same time. This provides a superb healing experience of getting to the core of bringing the body back into sync.


This combination foot and hand reflexology along with vibrational realignment is a helpful complementary treatment, known to provide benefits such as:

  • calming stress and anxiety

  • improving blood circulation

  • deep relaxation and sense of peace

  • promoting better sleep

  • relieving body pain

  • improving mood

  • lifts out of depression


45 minute session $125

Tuned-Up Reflexology

Special Winter Package

We realize for some of our clients to maintain a state of well-being and improve chronic conditions, multiple sessions of Tuned-up Reflexology are recommended for optimal benefts.


This special winter package offers more than a regular session. It includes in each of the four biweekly 45 minute Tuned-Up Reflexology sessions a energy clearing with sound and sage, healing drum and rattle which shakes up energy to become unstuck and flow freely, Vitaflex treatment of  "Balance" DoTerra Essential Oil on the feet amplified by the unique healing properties of Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls and Reiki.


This Winter Tuned-Up Reflexology Package of four sessions over two months is offered for $475 and includes more than a regular one time session.


Book your first of the series online or by contacting me and all other three dates will be set in person.

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