"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for last night! I haven't slept that well in years, and I have no back pain at all!"

- Chele


"Eileen helps you think, heal and raise your vibration. Her inner sense and guidance is a must try for everyone, even the most skeptical. She is a radiant being who shines her light on all those who meet her!"

-Sherry Amato

"My dog, Max, has been ill for the past six months. He has been having seizures and they have been happening closer together and more severe as time goes by. The vet has him on anti seizure medication but isn't helping enough. Eileen graciously agreed to giving him a tuning fork session. I brought Max to her house. He eyes were bloodshot, his head was very hot and he was having trouble walking. He cried the entire time in the car. He was nervous at first but Eileen's quiet demeanor calmed him and we began. At first he was leaning into me for support and comfort. By the end of the session he was leaning into Eileen and asking for more! When we left his ears were up ( sign of a happy dog) and he was trotting to the car. His head was no longer hot and eyes were clear. He came home and couldn't get enough to eat. He wanted to play with our other dog. This morning he ran to my car and wanted to go back! Tonight he is still a happy boy and enjoying life again. Thank you Eileen for giving us back our sweet boy."

-Cindy Cummings

“Eileen is a true healer...she has the ability to mend the spirit and guide you on your earthly journey. Her unique blend of being a Reiki Master combined with Tuning Fork healing is exactly what our confused bodies need at this point in time. Eileen's empathy knows no bounds so if you are off your path or right on track going to see her will leave you in a better place.”

-Tom K.

"Eileen used her gift sound therapy to help me heal both physically and emotionally. Every session with Eileen has helped me tremendously with relaxation and improving sleep. I highly recommend the service Eileen provides!"

-Karen Carraro


"Had a tuning fork healing with Eileen and it was incredible. I felt her energy immediately and she intuitively knew right where energy was needed. I felt on top of the world when she was done.

Thanks Eileen!!"

- Brenda Moken

"I’m still vibrating from this experience. Eileen has the magic touch!"

-Kristen Braack

"I could feel the vibrations all through my body and was able to release so many stuck emotions. It was a beautiful healing experience! Her intuition strongly guides her in this work and makes it so powerful and potent. If everyone received this work, think how amazing the world would be."

-Jennifer Wells

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