"I absolutely love the vibration of the tuning forks going through my body. I also love the sound from the bowls swirling around in my head. I leave each of my sessions with Eileen feeling like I've had the most wonderful massage (even my 10 min. boosters). I leave feeling calm and relaxed. Everyone should give this gift to themselves!"

- Michelle Frankenfield

"With covid 19 I could not go to see Eileen in person like I usually do. I saw she was doing an online session to help people who needed it. I was going through a stressful time with my aniexty and really needed something to calm me down. Eileen set up an online appt with me through zoom. I have to say it was like i was in the room with her. I did zoom through my phone and with holding my phone i could actually feel the vibrations of the tuning forks. I would definitely recommend this especially at this time of craziness in the world."

- Pam Porreca

"I highly recommend Eileen! She has helped me through a lot of recent issues!!"

- Alexa St. Clair


"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for last night! I haven't slept that well in years, and I have no back pain at all!"

- Chele


"Eileen helps you think, heal and raise your vibration. Her inner sense and guidance is a must try for everyone, even the most skeptical. She is a radiant being who shines her light on all those who meet her!"

-Sherry Amato