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Music of the Spheres

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As Healers and Musicians, Eileen Toth and Nancy Schroeck have created a concert of Crystal Singing Bowls and Percussion. Limited tickets are available at each event for each person receives specialized treatment for a full harmonious experience.

Unlike Sound Baths you may have heard of or experienced, Music of the Spheres begins with opening everyone’s energy grid in preparation for healing with rattles and bells. The next step is to set your own personalized Intention integrated with a brief quartz crystal tuning fork treatment to set it into motion. Then the concert begins. Each sequence of sound healing will be introduced and explained for:

  • Chakra Clearing

  • Nervous System Balance & Well-Being

  • Calming Anxiety

  • Dreaming

  • Opening to the Possibilities

For Information about Locations and Dates, see in Book Online.

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