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Sound & Energy Healing for Pets

Tuning Fork Vibrational and Sound healing sessions are a holistic approach without any side effects for animals just as they are for humans. Building trust with calming Reiki Energy touch first, I apply Tuning Forks above and on an animal's body to create balance in the energy system. This treatment brings relaxation, stimulates the physiology of the body, promotes healing of wounds and injuries, and is known to eliminate or diminish the effects of major illnesses.

I treated three horses as seen in the video at Russells Acres in Woolwich Township, NJ, with arthritis, osteoporosis, and thin soles underrun front hooves. Connie, the Owner of Russells Acres said "They were very relaxed by the tuning forks. They displayed their relaxation with the lick and chew motions of their mouths, and Odyssey's big stretch may have been his ultimate manifestation. Also, they were exceptionally energetic yesterday afternoon in a way that I don't normally see."

I have treated many animals with anxiety issues, eating problems, and recovering from injury all with positive results. The videos posted shown here captures the angelic presence of healing and also how calm Max is during a thunderstorm. Max's health has greatly improved and his pep is back in his step.

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