Sound & Energy Therapy




Treat Yourself to a



Travel to a State of Pure Relaxation.

Get back into the

zone of "Sound Health"

My Healing Sanctuary is at


110 North Woodbury Road

Pitman, NJ 08071

 Days & Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

10am to 8pm


Safety measures are being followed:

*Fast Scan Temperature Reading

*Honeywell Hepa Filter Air Purifier

*Masks Always Worn

*All Surfaces and Tools Sanitized

*Hypo-Allergenic, Medical Grade Headrest Cover

*Hand Washing

*Entrance & Exit Plan

*Limited Contact with Others

Eileen Loria

Sound & Energy Therapist

Holistic, integrative, and safe.

Clients have already experienced the following from treatments:

  • Reduced Anxiety & PTSD

  • Trauma Recovery

  • Help and Relief from Chronic Pain

  • Revitalized System

  • Deep Relaxation 

  • Prevention

  • Rejuvenation


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