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Showing ways to strengthen one's physical, mental, emotional, and overall well-being. With Tuning Forks and Affirmations, it is important to maintain a practise of raising one's vibration for better living and health.

See how I use the Crystal Singing Pyramid for healing. Rebalances and restores for people, pets, and even for gardens. Plants are influenced and flourish with Bioenergetic sound and vibration treatment.

Sending Reiki Energy with specific Chakra sounds, the Intention is for the listener to experience a subtle energy adjustment and balancing for increased vitality and strength for each of the energy centers from the Root to the Crown which raises your vibration. Take a deep breath, relax in a comfortable position and enjoy this Healing Artisan mini treatment.

This is a summary of Earth Day's event about reconnecting with your inner healer and natural alignment with sound, vibration, and Reiki energy. This combination of holistic healing techniques have significant benefits of bringing one into a relaxed and restorative state of being.

Hello! My name is Eileen and this is my first video about my Healing Services. For anyone who has never experienced a Tuning Fork healing treatment, I give a description and overview about what to expect from a session. Actual example with before and after pictures of a poisonous spider bite further illustrate the benefits of frequency and sound healing.

This video show how Angels took pictures during the video was being taken. I have been having incredible experiences of healing and Angelic presence when I treat people and now the same for animals. This time I captured it on video when treating Max, a dog with seizure and anxiety problems.

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