How Does Sound Heal Our Planet?

Feb. 14th was more than Valentines for me, it was the 17th Annual Global World Sound Healing Day, a Global Toning Event to project peace throughout our planet and raise our collective consciousness. Lead by one of many co-creators and supporters of this movement Jonathon Goldman I thank each and every person who participated with me on this day making it a significant and beautiful experience I will always remember.

Our Toning group started by listening to Jonathan Goldman Healing Sounds Radio. Going over the meaning of this event and the healing sound of “AH”, the sacredness of having gratitude for our planet and the water she provides us, into following meditations. One of which I played along with ringing my Crystal Singing Bowl. Amazing to me, surprised by the complete synchronization of my bowl being in the key of B, the Divine connection, 7th Chakra sound of creation completely coordinated with the mediation and tone perfectly. My heart opened up and I felt deeply moved by the experience as my tears flowed freely.

After creating the cohesive sounds together, I offered to continue the practice by walking around the Labyrinth located in the back of Float Haven Health Spa. We set our Intention before starting on the beginning path and reconfirmed this Intention at each turn. Meeting in the center we held hands and created again the meaningful sound of “AH” sending more loving restorative balance for the earth with a coherent waveform of vibration for Global Harmonization.

It does make a difference. Even quantum physicists are describing the universe as having vibration, a form of music. This wonderful time of rediscovery of the truth about vibration and sound as being able to change our brainwaves, restore us on a molecular level, affect our consciousness, and heal us by returning us to our original state of being is all starting to come to light from great scientists, researchers, the medical community, and healers alike.

It doesn’t stop here, anyone, anytime may experience sending a sound of “AH” of peace and love surrounding our Earth as a daily practice can enjoy doing so at


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