Essential Healing

The purpose of healing is to bring one into a true state of being. Perfectly balanced, unencumbered, homeostasis, restored, and replenished. True health is stability in the face of change. Healing is about the journey of self-compassion and endurance. It's about strengthening the spirit for unconditional love and wholeness.

True State of Being

We are more than the suffering we experience. The light of our soul, the inner knowing of our true self, the connection to all that is Divine, is deep down beneath the chaos and illusions of this physical world. Enlightenment, healing, being, is the journey to what we already are. This physical plane of existence gives us an opportunity to wake us up when we are out of sync and loaded down from negative experiences, reminding us to return to our truth. We are one with Love, we are connected with Love, we are created by Divine Source of Universal Life Force Love Vibration.


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